Melshronel Proper, city of towers, capital of the Melshronel Kingdom,is a city joyous with the return of its soldiers from a long an bloody war against the Hobgoblin nation to the southwest. Yet all is not well. It is late may, the harvest season is coming. A city as prosperous and economical as Melshronel could not afford to let its fields turn the fruits of its labor into putrescence. The war couldn’t have ended at a better time it seems… Some say that drastic action was taken to ensure The high warlord of the Hobgoblins was struck down, leaving them scattered an leaderless. Are the savage hobgoblins down and out, or merely searching frantically for a new patron to guide them in their efforts to ravage a kingdom that keeps them at the edges of survival.

Meanwhile all was not well at home. The Templars of the Crystal Flame, or hellfire templars as they are called in mockery, have come to a prominent position in the city and have been handling a moderate portion of the judicial action in the absence of much of the military power of the kingdom. This mercenary inquisition has particular interest in the salvation of souls, preaching damnation and hellfire on sinners and wicked men, thus earning the nick-name of ‘hellfire templars’. They have two main branches: one judicial, the other clerical. The judicial maintains the judges, inquisitors, knights, and soldiers of the order, while the clerical sees to the accounting, registry, and barristorial affairs.

The Heraldic knights of Melshronel represent much of the old money and traditional feudal power in melshronel, while the Paladian order of the sun, formerly the Defenders of Argash, represent the military order of the new powers, following the turn of the Gold Dragon Argasharnial, and the rise of the first of the Sandclay Towers.

witch trials, blood cults, and fiend calling have been turning up left and right


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