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This is the staring point of what I hope to be several ongoing campaigns set in a mid-fantasy world of my own creation. Below are several settings that have some

Melshronel “The City of Towers”, so named for the towers built by the rising merchant class in the example of the Champion over Argash, Melshronel is a bustling trade city located on a river amidst rolling plains and lush savanna. High and hopeful from the recent victory over the hobgoblin tribes of the southern savanna, the people of Melshronel now prepare for the harvest season to turn their labors into a yield and ultimately- profit. Political tensions run high between the old aristocracy and the rising merchant and wealthy farming classes. Through the efforts of the Templars of the Crystal Flame, an autonamous inquisition and neutral party to the politics of the kingdom, and the lurking fear of a counter-campaign from the southern tribes, Melshronel has maintained civility and a remarkable diplomatic self interest.

Ughustul – The rotten husk of a once glorious civilization. Ughustul was once ruled by a demon-king who was slain against all odds by a lowly soldier of Lavindul. Now, the stretching avenues and piecemeal palaces and once bustling markets, universities, and temples have all been consumed by chaos and turn to twisted things brimming with dark denizens and horrors untold. This metropolitan madness is vast stretch of medieval metropolitan wasteland. There are packs of cannibals, ghosts, zombies, vampires, rogue necromancers, horrible gangs, and humans who lost their civilization with the fall of the king. Yet there are some groups trying to reclaim some of the wealth and glory of the land and eek out a living for themselves.

Lavindul An authoritarian elven nation with a long history of military conquest and extreme pride. Calling themselves The First as they trace their culture to the very dawn of creation, this military power has faced off against and defeated many foes, foreign, domestic, unholy, and mortal.

The Salt Coast- A semi-arid land of giants and traders.

[The Reztian Isles]] – A crossroads of the world, it is an island chain in the middle of the largest oceans. No country or kingdom counts these islands as their own and so they are open to all. There are several self-appointed ‘Barons’ and not a few ‘Baronesses’ but they each have their own economical agendas to poke around in much more. Pirates, priests, mistresses and mercenaries, all make their homes here. Travelers, traders, fugitives, bounty hunters. The Reztian isles are both lawless chaos and destrutive invigoration. They are an unclaimable, unrulable, indispensible, unpleasant, salt-ridden, sweltering paradise full of devils of every kind. There is danger, adventure, fortune, and worse around every turn in the Reztian Isles.

The Everwild A primordial forest empowered by the semi-divine life force of a dying dragon guardian. Now this forest is host to horrors, and wonders, unlike any found anywhere else. It is a dark and menacing wood where the trees and thickets themselves are your bitter foe. The denizens have made a dark, bloody, peace with them and are every bit your enemy as the woods are. Fey, dragonkin, woses, and worse make their homes here and fiercely protect the forest awash in grim, bloodthirsty life. Yet floral treasures and unknown fauna are also said to be found in these woods- mythical creatures, ever blooming plants, mystical springs, haunting music… and the treasures and trappings of those who sought and failed to keep these marvels for themselves. There can be peace and knowledge gained from this forest… but there is a price and a logic most unsettling.

Veshai – An important trade city of pleasant climate, technological advances, and pleasantries of all kinds. It is full of gentile sophistication, cold-blooded treachery, and peaceful beauty. There is industry, trade, science, art, learning, as well as butchery, barbarism, slavery, grotequery, and worse. It is a strong naval and mercantile kingdom, having been a key kingdom in putting down the trade wind wars with the Redwake pirates (working name), with heavy investments in the arcane and technological. These two forms of research drive much of the economy and espionage of the kingdom.

Gerrick – A western kingdom that suffered greatly in the vanquishing of the death dragon, it has been redeemed and flourishes under the rule of the Custodes Bretronne who’s leader slew the Deathslayer at the ruins of the city gate, his blade empowered by his god.

Yebronia – A western kingdom comprised of the union of many different territories. It was a great ally of Gerrick during the wars to suppress the warbands and cults that rose along with the Deathslayer, yet alliances began to fray as Gerrick found Yebronia unable to lend neighborly support as Gerrick suffered greater and greater losses. The two are chilly neighbors at best now.

ek-Larek – A Northern Kingdom of frozen harbors and wind blown tundras. Roaming tribes hunt and root between the mesas and the steps and icy lakes long forgotten. Some say that ancient castles and king-barrows dot the chilly steps and tundras thawed, others that the wandering tribes have great wares to trade for exotic goods. Others say that monstrous heathen gods fill the land and sky itself with their furies and and their woe. Who can say but the bone shamen and the wind singers?

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